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katherine minarik &
Sarita Venkat

Katherine and Sarita are lawyers and friends. They've had some reasonably cool jobs and have won the occasional award. But more than anything, they both love to spend their non-existent free time supporting other women in the legal profession. 


Katherine and Sarita first met several years ago through ChIPs, a national organization for women lawyers in tech and IP. They spent a few years planning mock exercises and conferences for up and coming tech lawyers. Then last year, Katherine and Sarita hatched a new plan -- a  podcast that tells the stories of amazing women lawyers! 


After a bunch of work and laughter and crazy ideas, they're thrilled to share Heels of Justice with friends and strangers alike. You can reach out to Katherine and Sarita at They'd love to hear from you. And yes, they still have their day jobs.  

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